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Satellite Finance

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Satellite Finance is an independent finance brokerage. Established in 2008, with over 50 years of industry experience, we have quickly become established as one of the fastest growing sales-aid leasing finance brokerages in the UK. It is our refreshing and straight forward approach to funding which is increasingly the preferred option for organisations wishing to future proof their business, whilst also demonstrating astute cash management. We offer competitive and flexible finance solutions for most capital equipment into new start, small, medium, larger enterprise and public sector organisations. If you are looking to fund a £1,000 server or a £1million multi asset turnkey development. Satellite Finance have the expertise and funding solutions to meet your needs now and in in the future. To find our more how our finance facilities can help develop your business please contact us at info@satellitefinancelimited.com or call us on 01633 262722.

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